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TYC - Touring Choir





Texas Youth Chorale Touring choir is made up of 7th and 8th grade singers. This choir meets every Monday for 2 hours and will tour internationally every other year.  Each singer will have a chance to go on one International Tour.




2020/2021 Season Information


TUITION and other fees

The TYC  annual tuition of $1,050 is payable  monthly in the amount of $105 on the 5th of the month Sept through June inclusive. Rehearsal is once a week. 

Tuition will be paid via automatic bank withdrawal on the fifth day of the month or paid in full ($1,050) prior to September 5th, 2020.


Camp will be one day on Saturday August 29, 2020 - check back or calendar for timing, cost and details when they become available


Uniform rental fee:  $100

Informal shirt and sweatshirt $50 total

The charge of $150 will be invoiced at the start of the season


All music is the property of  NTMCC and is to be returned at the conclusion of the season.  Starting in 2020/2021 season, there will be a $75 music deposit paid at the start of the season.  This money will be refunded in June after the music is returned to NTMCC in good condition.


    A Fee of $30 will be invoiced for NSF 





Rehearsals weekly on a Monday evenings  from 5:30pm - 7:45pm at  MAPS -Musicians, artists performance services (420 Maplelawn Dr, Plano, TX 75075)  





Camp has been rescheduled to  Saturday August 29, 2020.  check back later for additonal information

The camp provides the opportunity for students to start learning the music for the upcoming year, as well as get to know each other!





Formal Uniforms are the property of NTMCC and are rented from TYC for an annual fee of $100.    The TYC has three styles of uniforms:  Formal, Informal and Rehearsal Shirt.  The  practice shirts and sweatshirts are purchased by the students for a total of $50  that will be kept by the students.


Girls Formal:  Please see the photo gallery tab on the website to view the beautiful dresses on stage!  Each girl is responsible to provide her own black, flat or low heeled, closed-toe shoes.


Girls Informal:  The TYC informal shirt and sweatshirt are purchased by singer for $50 total .  Each girl is responsible to provide her own black slacks (not leggings or tight pants; if jeans, they must be dark black), black shoes and black belt.


Boys Formal:  Suits  are rented to our singers for $100 per year.  Each boy is responsible to provide his own black shoes, black belt and black socks.


Boys Informal:  The TYC informal shirt and sweatshirt are purchased by singer for $50 total  Each boy is responsible to provide his own black slacks (if jeans, they must be dark black), black shoes, black socks and black belt.






There are two formal performances: Christmas Concert in November and Farewell Concert in June.  TYC opens the North Texas Children’s Choir Festival and the Texas International Festival with the National Anthem.  TYC also performs the National Anthem orGod Bless America for the Texas Legends and the Rough Riders games during the Spring semester and various other events during the year. 




The TYC also tours annually. Every third year there is an international trip.  Otherwise we tour within the United States.

  • 2015 Tour to Dublin and Belfast, Ireland
  • 2016 Tour to Kansas
  • 2017 Tour to Abilene, Texas
  • 2018 Tour to Australia
  • 2020 Tour - CANCELLED due to Covid 19
  • 2021 tour to Austria and Hungary