TeamTYC Information Page


TYC Singers, please review this page on a regular basis.  The links will always be to the most current information!


TYC Music for Australia:


  1. Flight Song:


  1. Music of the Living:


  1. My Lord what a Mornin:


  1. Song of Gratitude:


  1. Imagine:


  1. A World Aglow:


  1. Take Me to the Water:


  1. Therefore, Music has no link


  1. The Secret of the Sea – World Premiere Commissioned piece by Jake Runstad-has no link


  1. Sesere eeyeis :

This has actions and the music-good model!!

This is the Gondwana choir singing (faster tempo) with cultural movements


TYC Music Files for Practice


Please click on link to music files:



Singers are asked to sing a video or Audio recording on their phone or computer and send back to Mrs. Smith via E MAIL. She will then listen to each recording and give her response to the singing and to encourage them. It is a wonderful way we can keep in touch throughout the week since there is only a rehearsal once a week!



YouTube Links


Gnothi Safton links - this choir goes from mm 1 - this choir goes from mm 14 or Square A

Sesere Eye Links - Sesere eeye movements slow - Sesere eeye to tempo



Migaloo link