10 Messages of the Heart


These principles will be taught through the selection of choral repertoire. As we study the text of the music, we seek examples and discuss the 8 Messages.




  1. Truth (the expectation and standard of our organization)
  2. Unity (through rehearsals, communication, and application of our text, we become unified)
  3. Passion (deeply feeling the music and expressing its meaning)
  4. Follower/Leader (teaching the willingness to follow and the courage to lead so our choir family will grow strong leaders)
  5. Beauty (“The beauty we love reflects who we are.” We focus on making beautiful music.)
  6. Perseverance (teaching our singers to NEVER give up!)
  7. Service to others through special concerts and activities
  8. Thankfulness (the language of love)
  9. Love (the universal expression of goodness and the language of the heart)
  10. Singing from the Heart (teaching, then knowing that our purpose is to connect our hearts with the hearts of our listeners)